Well, this has certainly been an exciting year.  I've taken time off from performing at local venues this year to focus on songwriting, and spiritual strengthening.  I'm happy to announce that I've been to Nashville this year, and completed a new album.  How exciting is that!

The album is in final stages of production and will be released later this year.  I cannot say THANKS enough to my family, friends, fans and most importantly, The Good Lord above for making all of this possible.

Please check back often for updates.  And oh, how could I possibly forget the upcoming Pensacola Beach Songwriter's Festival!  It's scheduled for 4-8 October.  Please carve some time out from your busy schedules and come on out to the beach and celebrate the folks behind the words for all of those wonderful, inspirational country songs you love so much.  Check here for all the details.

God Bless you all, and I hope to see you at the Festival!

Robert Wayne
Country On!